Společnost pro rozvoj informační gramotnosti  
  Společnost pro rozvoj informační gramotnosti
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Mission of the INFOPOLIS project

The INFOPOLIS project's mission is above all to enhance the information society in the Czech Republic, as it seems the country is still lagging behind its potential in these fields and the official governmental activities do not effectively address the problem. We believe that enhancement of the information society in the country is closely linked to the development of the civic society as a whole helping overcome social exclusion, geographical barriers and non-transparency and ineffectiveness of public administration institutions for the Czech Republic's citizens.

We do not see a similar activity in the Czech Republic at this moment and we believe that the INFOPOLIS project can fill the gap in non-governmental and non-commercial activities aimed to enhance the information society. Our project intends to cultivate the civic society in the Czech Republic by involving people into debates on the topic of the information society, i.e. society which - according to our verified conviction - gives people more means to assume control of their affairs.

Project target group

The intended final target group of the INFOPOLIS project, in the first stage, is general public of the Czech Republic. The means to achieve this target is a goal-directed involvement of expert public into discussion on the questions of information society in framework of the INFOPOLIS which, thanks to a synoptical, pro-active and well-structured design, will allow engagement and active participation of the general (i.e. also extra-scientific) public. The project will hence seek to address such expert target audience where potential to push the "spill-over" effects within the society from bottom can be expected.

A specific target group will constitute the public administration, which is determinant for setting down the priorities of the Czech informational policies.

In the second stage, after establishment of the project, the target group will be broadened and shifted to cover all the EU areas where information society mechanisms lag behind their possibilities and particularly to quickly developing societies of the new Member States.


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